The Store

Our values reflect those of the outdoor enthusiast - to seek beauty, to appreciate simplicity, and to cause no harm.

At Camp Coffee & Lifestyle Co, we consider how the products we source impact the world. Our team is dedicated to seeking out companies who are socially responsible and who hold strong environmental policies. We are hugely supportive of and eager to source from locally owned suppliers and artisans who, like us, hold the natural environment close to their hearts.




We strive to source clothing that is either made in North America or from companies who offer full transparency in their supply chain. We are inspired by companies, who not only capture us with their aesthetic, but who also produce locally, use organic or recycled materials, or who have an otherwise ethical, sustainable or humanitarian based initiative.

Often these companies will have a beautiful story to tell. Tentree plants ten trees in an area of need for every purchase; Raven & Lily empowers vulnerable women through fair trade jobs; Prana is renowned for their strong ethical policies and use of organic and sustainable fabrics.




We are always on the lookout for exciting products that impart a sense of adventure and the wilderness. Just as we feel about our clothing, we also believe in sourcing goods from companies who are mindful, artisanal or with strong fair-trade philosophies and honourable initiatives. We carefully and lovingly curate a wholesome selection of goods that are inspired by the beauty and creativity of the West Coast.



Books & Magazines

Nothing completes an adventure better than curling up, sheltered from the elements with a hot beverage and a great book. At Camp we supply a creative and thought provoking selection of books and magazines to spark the interest of any individual. Nestled among our shelves you’ll discover coffee table books on variety of subjects - cooking, design, architecture, the outdoors, adventure, photography and much more. 


Design & Home

We also offer a fine collection of curated design objects that echo the West Coast Contemporary style and which introduce the beauty of the west coast into any space. We offer an array of carefully selected pillows, blankets, clothing, pottery and much more.